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The point of View from the NEWBIE of the lair... Empty The point of View from the NEWBIE of the lair...

Post  Musica on Fri Feb 05, 2010 10:07 am

Sorry to dis-appoint ladies,

Even if u get our ip addresses, there is nothing you can do as we in malaysia have dynamic ip adresses. We do not use fixed ip. Therefore, everytime we pull the plug, we are connected on a different ip so i wish you all luck. =3 Also theres such thing as a proxy.

Most importantly, why must you go to such extends or would u want to go to such extends. My guess is, most of you if not some must have bad experiences getting played. But let me tell you not all men are the same. If all men are the same then i will generalize that all women are the same. U go and think if that is true.... What more, there are more good looking men out there playing u guys than us pick up artists why dont u create a website saying beware of good looking men, they might be out to play you...

Im sorry, but there must be a valid reason as to why this site has come up? But let me tell you Pick up artists are everywhere just as how money minded women are everywhere. Both are good. You want to know why? Just because someone knows how to seduce you and is good at flirting, doesnt mean they are going to play you. Just because they seduce you, doesnt mean they arent going to love you. Jus because they love your money doesnt mean that without that, they wont love you. EVERY GIRL I KNOW HONESTLY TELLS ME THAT THEY ARE MONEY MINDED SO DONT DENY THAT FACT...heck older women are always comparing what their husbands have and what other husbands have. U think we are trophies ar?

For women to seduce men, its so darn easy. Skimpy outfit blablabla. So may i ask if is it wrong to learn how to seduce women? We are after all equal. The pick up artist club is somewhat similar to a club filled with women eager to learn the art of style,fashion and makeup.

To add to that the women picked up at the bars are already out to flirt and seduce. Is it wrong for men to do so?

Most importantly, u must understand where did the art of pickup come from? It came from Frustrated Men who could not get women and could barely talk to women. WHY? bcuz women are very materialistic, if its not the looks, its the digits in the bank account. Ill be honest, many men look at women's looks too so isnt it all the same.

Besides its not like pickupartists are out there just to get girls and dump them the next day. There are those devious minded people and there are good people.

As for me, im just working towards getting my dream girl... Peace.

Please do not trace my ip bcuz im lazy to restart my modem. And if you do anything against me, i still have my lawyer and i will take serious action especially since this is an infringement of privacy and only the admin of this forum is allowed to view my ip so i know exactly who to sue.

This is merely my honest opinion, dont u all wish u can have handsome rich men?...

A short note:- We are not magicians, we are just studying women's minds to learn how to seduce them. Women have for a long time known how to seduce men. Why should we be the only sex at a disadvantage in this field?

If you think this is just a stupid boy's rant, by all means, ignore this message.

Musica.. Out...


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